Green’s Gluten-Free Dubbel Dark Ale


I tried this gluten-free beer, not because it is made without wheat, but because it clearly states on its label that it is free of soy, dairy, nuts, seafood, etc. As a person struggling to avoid a number of commonly found foods, I appreciate a brewery (or any company) that not only puts out a product that I can consume, but also makes sure to clearly state on its label that it is allergen free! Even though this beer is made without gluten and I am a lover of all “normal” beers dark and rich, I found this beer delicious.

dub 2

I thoroughly enjoyed finding the roasty chocolate and caramel flavors that I love in dark beer without the bitterness and abrasiveness that can sometimes turn me off. But, because I am no expert in reviewing beer (or anything for that matter), for you to get a full picture of what this beer is like, I will direct you to the following wonderfully worded and highly accurate reviews.

So read the reviews, grab a bottle, and see how much you enjoy this, whether you are required to be GF or not! And let me know what you think!

dub 4


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