Product Review: Mini Pops

Learning that I was allergic to corn was a hard blow for two reasons: 1. Learning how corn is used in the manufacturing of almost every food, including meat and fresh produce, made me realize how difficult it would be to avoid it. 2. I was a popcorn ADDICT. Truly. Every day after work I made myself a large bowl of stove top popcorn. Sometimes I would even have another bowl for dessert! (It’s a whole grain! I told myself I was being healthy…) If a few days went by where I didn’t have popcorn, my whole world felt out of balance.

But the gaping hole that popcorn left in my life been filled with the discovery of MiniPops. MiniPops is a corn-free company that sells popped sorghum grain. To find out what sorghum grain is, click here. These tiny grains pop like a mini version of popcorn, resulting in delicious, crunchy “kernels” that are legal for me to eat!


MiniPops come in a variety of flavors. Since I used to make my popcorn using simple olive oil (or occasionally butter) and sea salt, I think I will stick to the more simple flavors of MiniPops: Subatomic Sea Salt and Itty Bitty Butter. They come in packages ranging in size from 1 oz to 16 oz. The 1 oz packages that came in my order are entirely filled with the delicious treat (no empty space at the top like most snack packages) and are easy to take on the go for lunch, a snack, or a movie. Just remember to shake your bag before you open it, because the seasoning has usually settled to the bottom.


At the risk of sounding dramatic, this tiny popcorn replacement has made my life. No longer will I wallow in misery and self-pity at the absence of my beloved snack. God bless you, founder Ari Taube! And God bless MiniPops!




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