And so it begins…

So I pretty much panicked when my doctor told me I had allergies that I previously knew nothing about. I mean, it made sense that corn and oats were some of the elements causing my recently increased eczema flare-ups. I ate oatmeal for breakfast and popcorn after work nearly every day. (The no-celery verdict didn’t bother me, as I really don’t like celery, anyway.)

But as I really began researching, I began to see just how difficult avoiding corn really would be. Mostly because (and I can’t stress this enough) ***CORN IS IN EVERYTHING.*** Corn syrup, corn starch, corn meal, corn oil. Corn as a thickening agent, corn as a preservative, corn as a fruit and vegetable wash. Corn alcohol, corn as “natural flavoring,” corn as lactic acid, corn as citric acid. Corn in my cleaning supplies, corn in my clothes, corn in my mattress, corn in my soap and my lotion, corn in my plastic. Even the most seemingly-innocuous grocery items contain corn!!! I began to realize the effort, vigilance, and money that removing these newly found allergens from my diet would take. Thankfully, I found some excellent resources to help get me started.

I decided to chronicle my journey, not only to record what works for me, but also to show anyone struggling with similar allergies that living without them doesn’t mean you have to “live without.” I am determined to use all my love and skills for gourmet cooking to make equally delicious and infinitely more healthy choices for myself, and to enjoy food just as much as before! (Or more so, because it won’t make my skin itch!)

Here we go! Join me!


I love hearing your thoughts!

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